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I Just Called To Say, I Love You

September 22, 2009

Man: “Hey baby! I had to give you call now cause, I am swamped babysitting all these people here and I might not get a chance later.”

Woman: “How are things going?”

Man: “There are so many people here I know, and I have to entertain everybody– well some people can take care of themselves, but others I feel like I have to hold their hand.”

Woman: “I am surprised so many people came out of the woodwork- Who’s there?”

Man: “Oh.. just a lot of different people.  You know.”

Woman: “Like who?”

Man: “Umm…well some industry people.  And some old buddies I used to work with.”

Woman: “Ah… yeah.  Well it seems like you are going to be busy all night.”

Man: “Yep.”

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